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About Aestharis

Aestharis is the "reincarnation" of, a previous graphic resource site of mine. After a while I decided to part ways with Tumblr, and get hosted again. So I made a new layout, registered a domain, changed some stuff (content), and Aestharis was born! This site was created on February 18, 2021. I'm intending to stick with Aestharis for a long time. Hopefully, life won't get in the way. I am so very excited to to provide a steady supply of quality graphics and resources to all of you! ;D

About the Webmiss

Name: Brandi
Aliases: Yukie, B
Birthday March 28th
Location: United States
E-mail: admin[@]aestharis.net

Favorite Animes: Sailor Moon (90s), Ghost In The Shell, Kodocha, Super Gals!, Tokyo Mew Mew.


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