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A Quick Notice
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 Updated on Jul 01, 2021     Post by Brandi

Hey Guys!

There aren’t too many updates and I just wanted to let others know that I’m planning on being absent for over a month. I have more plans for the site with a lot more content to post, but I will be a bit on and off with the site and whatnot since I have to focus on working on my portfolio site. Just important life stuff that I have to prioritize and handle since I choose a career as a professional designer. If I still decide to update the site while I am on break I won’t be as active. It might start next week, it might happen next month. I just wanted to let everyone know in advance. So sit tight!

I don’t have a lot of stuff to update with. I added 3 PNG renders, and 15 more mobile wallpapers as well. I also added 4 new brushes. I have also added a new album, (Violet Evergarden) to the screen shot gallery. The gallery is still a work in progress as well and more screenshots with be added when I have more time. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will partially be gone for a bit and I didn’t want to leave my last update on the homepage until I decided that I will return. While I am away, I still will be checking my site's email and keeping an eye on my site's cboxes, so please still feel free to reach out to me or leave comments if needed.

That’s it for now. My next update is yet to be determined. I hope to be able to update again in a month (or less) but I can’t promise anything… I will be blogging on my portfolio. It's is far from complete but I’ve been holding back on this too long. If any of my friends have blogs as well please let me know, so we can link each other!

So for now that's it. Until next time!

by Reiko @ Jul 01, 2021
Hope you will return soon! love your website and the contet. One of the best site out there so far. Here's to the future!
by Reiko @ Jul 01, 2021
Wishing you succes on your design portfolio.
by Michelle @ Jul 10, 2021
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